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Chiropractic Care

Detection, correction and prevention of the vertebral subluxation complex. Vertebral subluxation is a misalignment or lack of motion in the spine that causes nerve irritation; thus impeding the function of the nervous system.  The nervous system is the master control system of the body.  A properly functioning nervous system is imperative for a healthy functioning body. 



Includes history, examination, orthopedic and neurologic testing, nerve scan using the insight millennium subluxation station, palpation, analysis and  review of all findings.


Spinal Adjustments

 Safe gentle specific adjustments, custom tailored to your health and wellness needs with the purpose of removing subluxations and improving nerve function.


Nutritional Consulting

 Includes analysis of current diet using a diet diary, health  and wellness goals and best recommendations to reach these goals.


Exercise Prescription

Customized exercises to fit your goals, schedule and to help strengthen weakened muscles.


Custom Pelvic Stabilizers

Computerized foot scanning and custom pelvic stabilizer orthotics tailored to support your spine and pelvis and keep a sound foundation.


Corporate Wellness Plans

With health expenditures increasing each year since 2002, companies are searching for a more cost effective way to keep employees healthy, improve performance, production and reduce time lost from work due to health issues.  Rhinebeck Chiropractic provides custom wellness plans to suit the needs of your company.  Wellness plans may include health assessments, workshops, on site chiropractic care, nutritional consulting, exercise prescription and ergonomic evaluations.  Call to discuss how your company can benefit.   


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